Zolix ZVB Series Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table ZVB09-06
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Zolix ZVB Series Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table ZVB09-06

Optical Tables  

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Model Platform size (mm) Price
ZVB09-06 900x600x800 PoR
ZVB10-07 1000x700x800 PoR
ZVB10-08 1000x800x800 PoR
ZVB12-08 1200x800x800 PoR
ZVB15-09 1500x900x800 PoR
ZVB15-10 1500x1000x800 PoR
ZVB16-09 1600x900x800 PoR
ZVB18-12 1800x1200x800 PoR
ZVB20-10 2000x1000x800 PoR
ZVB20-12 2000x1200x800 PoR
ZVB24-12 2400x1200x800 PoR
ZVB30-10 3000x1000x800 PoR
ZVB30-12 3000x1200x800 PoR
ZPT30-15 3000x1500x800 PoR


Optical Tables  


Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Optical Table


Natural frequency : vertical : 1.2-1.5hz; horizontal : 1.5-1.7hz
Self-balance, short response time, high speed balance
Silence free oil compressor , pressure : 3-7kgf/cm2
Pneumatic support: two payer, three import valves, 4 or 6 gasbag
Table structure : three layer
Table top : thickness: 4-6mm, 1Cr13 Ferromagnetic stainless steel
Internal support of table top : steel honeycomb structure
Bottom of table : 4-6mm, Carbon Steel; Surface spray treatment of melanin
Side : internal: Carbon plate
External: Black aluminum plate
Corners: stainless steel
Total height ( table and support): 800mm, range of adjustment : 20mm
Pitch : 25mmx25mm;
Screw : M6
Weight : Thickness 100mm: 120kg/m2
Thickness 200mm: 140kg/m2
Thickness 300mm: 167kg/m2


Optical tables datasheet

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