Dichroic Laser Mirrors
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Dichroic Laser Mirrors


Replacement dichroic mirrors for Continuum Lasers.

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Model Reflected Wavelength Transmitted Wavelengths Price
DLM-355 R>99% @ 355nm T>94% @1064nm
T>94% @ 532nm
DLM-532 R>99.5% @ 532nm T>90% @ 1064nm PoR
DLM-266 R>99.5% @ 266nm T>90% @ 1064nm
T>90% @ 532nm
T>90% @ 355nm


Replacement dichroic mirrors for Continuum Lasers.


We stock replacement dichroic laser mirrors for the most popular Continuum laser wavelengths - 355nm, 532nm and 266nm. These optics are designed to be used at a 45° AOI and are 1" diameter.

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