Signal Recovery 9210 DSP Lock-in Amplifier
Lock-In Amplifiers

Signal Recovery 9210 DSP Lock-in Amplifier

Multichannel Lock-In Amplifier. 20-bit DDS signal generator. 

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Multichannel Lock-In Amplifier. 20-bit DDS signal generator. 


The SIGNAL RECOVERY Model 9210 is a compact multichannel lock-in amplifier which uses the latest FPGA technology to deliver an instrument which can make complex AC and DC measurements on up to ten different analog signals. In addition it can generate excitation signals to drive the experiment, as well as measure the current delivered by these signals. It is therefore ideally suited to making direct impedance measurements on samples such as superconductors or in material analysis, as well as for use in optical, calorimetric, AC susceptibility, and many other experiments. The Model 9210 can be ordered with between one and five dual channel signal processing modules. 

Signal Processing Module

Each module provides:

Two differential analog signal inputs with:

  • Input Full Scale Sensitivity ±10 V to ±2 mV via 12 gain settings
  • DC & AC-coupling, <0.2 Hz break frequency
  • 18-bit ADC running at 1 MSa/s
  • Signal channel passband flat to within ±5% for gains up to x100 and frequencies up to 100 kHz

    One analog output with:

  • DDS generator using a 20-bit DAC running at 1 MSa/s
  • ±10 V, ±1 V and ±0.1 V full range
  • 50 mA output current
  • Grounded and floating outputs
  • Integrated current measurement of floating output (50 mA to 25 nA full scale in 20 steps)
  • Noise floor at lowest range < 4 nV/√Hz (grounded) and < 30 nV/√Hz (floating), max 55 nV/√Hz at 10 V full range
  • Amplitude accurate to ±5% of set value for frequencies up to 100 kHz


  • Digital (3.3 V or 5 V level) trigger input for external reference frequency input, and phase marker output
  • RJ45 signal connectors
  • Warning and information LEDs

There are three types of module available, which differ only in the input impedance and voltage noise of the analog inputs, as follows:

  • 1.8 nV/√Hz at 1 GΩ amplifier impedance (typical 15/0.5 nA input bias/offset current)
  • 3.7 nV/√Hz at 30 GΩ amplifier impedance (typical 0.5/0.1 nA input bias/offset current)
  • 18 nV/√Hz at ~TΩ amplifier impedance (typical10 – 5 pA input bias current)

System Chassis and Common Features

Lock-in Amplifier:

  • Recommended Frequency range DC – 100 kHz (operates from DC – 500 kHz)
  • Two dual phase lock-ins per input channel, and two per signal generator output, operating at internal or external reference frequency or harmonic.
  • Synchronous X, Y, R and Ɵ outputs for each lock-in, and DC measurement

Signal Generator:

  • Sinewave, square-wave, triangle, sawtooth, noise
  • Frequency, amplitude, DC offset, and duty cycle user controllable
  • Composite and modulated waveforms


  • Real-time feedback options
  • Gigabit Ethernet and USB interface ports
  • LabVIEW 2016 Driver available
  • Integral 40 W line power supply suitable for 100 V to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz


    Dimensions  19" W x 10" D x 1 3/4" H
    483 mm x 255 mm x 44.5 mm
    Weight 6.6 lb. (3kg) 
    Altitude Up to 2000 m
    Pollution Degree Level 2
    Operating Temperature       5° to 40°C
    Storage Temperature  –25° to 70°C
    IP Rating N/A
    Max. Humidity 80% for T up to 31°C,decreasing
    linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C
     Indoor Use Only  

    Model BB-BNC

    Dimensions                          19" W x 5 1/2" D x 1 3/4" H
    483 mm x 140 mm x 44.5 mm                
    Weight 3.1 lb. (1.4 g) 


    9210 Series datasheet

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