Diode lasers and systems

Power Technology Laser Diodes 375nm to 1600nm 5mW to 1600mW

Continuous wave diode laser with wavelengths from 375 to 1600nm, power from 5 to 1600mW and optional output power modulation.

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PTI-375-1600nm Default Title PoR

Summary Box:

Continuous wave diode laser with wavelengths from 375 to 1600nm, power from 5 to 1600mW and optional output power modulation.


Power Technology Inc (PTI) offer thousands of laser diode module configurations. Choose wavelengths from 375nm to 1550nm and power ranging from mW to Watts. To meet the needs of your application, PTI offers two types of modulation: transistor-transistor logic (TTL) and analog. PTI's TTL lasers are capable of modulation from continuous wave (CW) to 100MHz. Users can program these modules to enable, inhibit, or modulate a laser, making them excellent resources for synchronised applications. PTI offers a number of lasers that employ anamorphic correcting prisms to account for the naturally divergent, elliptical, and astigmatic nature of beams produced by laser diodes. Several modules are available that incorporate a microlensed laser diode to produce a circular, diffraction-limited beam. Still others can achieve beam circularisation by coupling the beam into a fiber optic. All PTI laser modules are designed to provide a stable operating temperature for the diode. Options include: thermoelectric control, circularised output beams (infrared & visible), line generation / pattern generation / beam expanders, quality glass optics, high speed, high current modulation up to 100MHz, digital control options, fiber optic coupling, continuous wave, modulated and pulsed. Multiple laser diodes available CW, modulated or pulsed options


Continuous wave Wavelength 375 to 1600nm Power 5 to 1600mW Optional output power modulation


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